Sunday, November 8, 2015

To Colour or Not to Colour?

Colouring books for grownups are huge right now! Walk into any book, gift or craft store and you are sure to find displays front and centre. In this world where we spend so much time rushing from one thing to another with our heads bowed over little screens, the idea of unplugging and slowing down is an appealing one. I welcome the idea of a little time spent in quiet contemplation while I focus on the simple task at hand, but this latest fad is not without it's critics. 

I've heard it said that people find these new colouring books too intricate, that they feel stressed trying to complete the detailed images perfectly. As much as I suffer from my own perfectionism a great deal of the time, I find it easy to let it go and just enjoy the process. I'm especially enjoying the mandala trend and have several books in a basket I can grab when I'm in the mood.

If you are worried about "ruining" a pricey book there are plenty of sites where you can print your own colouring sheets, a simple Pinterest search will turn up lots of results. Download a few, make yourself a cup of tea and just let yourself go.
Saturday, November 7, 2015

Space Camp, Brownie Style

I am so blessed to have some amazing women in my life, among them are my fellow "owls" in my Brownie unit. This weekend they made a memorable weekend for 18 of our girls with a sleepover all about the stars! One of our owls is an amateur astronomer and brought her telescope so the girls could stargaze but the weather didn't cooperate. We improvised by using a stargazer app to pretend we were laying outside looking up at the sky.

When the rain finally stopped, it was still too cloudy to see stars but we did spend some time outside playing in the dark.

After a snack and a bedtime story they all settled into their sleeping bags for the night.

In the morning we did crafts!

Nebulas in a jar!

Build your own alien!
Making constellations!

And a solar system camp hat craft. I also taught the girls a mnemonic that I use to help me remember the oder of the planets... My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. The Brownies all agreed they still wanted Pluto in their Solar Systems.

The last activity as the parents were arriving was a little space walk through an asteroid belt. All in all a fabulous time! Now for a shower and a nap!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Blogging Undercover

In an effort to maintain this 30 day blogging streak I am literally under the covers tonight! I'm at a Brownie sleepover, trying to blog from my phone while hiding in my sleeping bag so I don't wake any girls. There is nothing quite like the sound of a hall full of giggly girls at a sleepover. Being a Girl Guide leader is both exhausting and rewarding. Whether it is helping them feel safe during their first night away from home or watching that light bulb moment when they finally "get" that new skill you are teaching, I get as much as I give from these girls.

Sweet dreams!

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