Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My home coffee shop

Once upon a time we lived in the city and every morning I would go through the drive-thru and pick up a latte to enjoy on my way to work..... life was good! Then one day I was offered a job in a small town and we sold our city house and moved to the country.... life was still good (and much more laid back and quieter) except for one thing........ My husband, who still worked just outside the city would call before he came home from work each day and the conversation would go something like this:

Hubby: Is there anything you would like me to pick up for you on the way home from work?
Me: Oh, yes please! Could you swing by the drive through and pick me up a latte?

This lasted for a few weeks when the conversations changed to this:

Hubby: Do you have any idea how much money you spend in lattes? Can't you just make coffee at home, we have a perfectly good coffeemaker.
Me: But it's not the same......(pout, pout, pout).....

This went on for some time until Starbucks had thier annual brew event and machines were 40% off. I became the proud owner of my very own machine and can make lattes, etc. to my hearts content and my husband never has to go through a drive-thru again! (Now I spend money on neat mugs and flavoured syrups)!


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