Friday, August 1, 2008

Puppy 911

Life with a puppy is never dull! Lily is now almost 5 months old and entering what our vet refers to as her "teenage years". Just great! We finally made it through the teenage years with our two legged children and now we are back in the saddle again with a four legged teenager. The discovery of the day today was "hornets are not fun, and effect puppies worse than people". After a very scary emergency visit to the vet and some benedryl to stop the swelling, we have all lived to tell the tale. As I type my dear hubby is in the yard doing battle with a nest we discovered in our composter while Lily and I are laying low and nursing our stings. I tend to shy away from things that attack me, but Randy gets pissed and hunts them down (must be the testoterone). One little tip I learned today.... if a hornet follows you into the house, spraying it with Pam cooking spray will kill it! Makes you wonder if you should really be cooking your food in it.


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