Monday, April 20, 2009

Rockin' Potluck

One thing I love about small towns that you just don't find in the city is the sense of community. Saturday was the annual library fundraiser where we have a potluck dinner & silent auction. This year's theme was a Rockin' Potluck. I have an amazing lady on both the Library Board and the Friends of the Library who did a fantastic job with the decorations.
I wish I had time to take more pictures, Traci you are so creative!

These were my contibution, centerpieces for the tables. They were a cheap and easy way to decorate the tables..... well, at least they should have been a cheap and easy way to decorate the tables. The actual procedure for making them went like this:
  • In an effort to spend as little money as possible I purchased these cute little takeout boxes from Michaels and some suckers from Costco for a grand total of $25 (good price for 10 centerpieces, right?
  • I knew my dear husband had a can of spray foam insulation kicking around in his domain that I could use to fill the boxes so I wouldn't have to but floral oasis, so he kindly agreed to let me use it and even filled them all for me.
  • I waited for the foam to expand and get hard and then I assembled all 10 of them, patted myself on the back at how good they turned out and went to bed.
  • In the morning, I learned something new about spray foam.... it keeps expanding for hours!!!! My cute little boxes had expanded as well and were beyond repair.
  • I swore briefly, laughed for a few minutes and then went back to Michaels for more cute little boxes and floral oasis. Back home again (did I mention it takes almost an hour to "run" to Michaels and back from my house?) my ever patient husband took the opportunity to point out to me that in my attempt to save money I had used up a can of spray foam that cost him $13 to replace floral oasis that cost me $3.50. He is lucky I think he is cute.
There is my dear husband who got roped into being the MC.

See all those tables in the basement? They are loaded with silent auction items. There was some fast and furious bidding at the end. I hope everyone had fun, I sure did.


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