Saturday, September 18, 2010

New name, new look

There have been so many changes in my life since my last post!  Thursday was my last day working at the library and I am now officially self-employed full time.  This is a huge transition for me and I thought I would kick it off with a new look and name for my blog.  Luckily I am taking a Blog Design Basics for Blogger class from Jessica so I was able to import all the old posts from my previous blog.  As I learn more I will be making changes and (I hope) posting more often since I will be working from home.
I'd love to have feedback on my new look!


  1. Gayle...I just read your comment on my Blog and have to say we love our cottage in Nova Scotia! We also live just outside of Edmonton in Sherwood Park, have been here for 10 years. Although we really enjoy our life here, my crave my trips to Nova Scotia! One day we'll get back on a permanent basis, but for now must work to pay our bills! Your Blog looks awesome!

  2. stopping by from the blog design class...looks SUPER cute!!! haven't started working on mine yet.

  3. just visiting! i'm in the blog class too! yours look great!


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