Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Layout a Day

I mentioned before that I am participating my first LOAD (layout a day) and I am just amazed at how it has challenged me as a scrapbooker! I decided that I was going to use LOAD to practice my photoshop skills and I am so glad I did but I have also learned along the way that for me the story that a layout tells is the most important part  of the process. I guess it all comes down to why I scrapbook. Yes, it is about the artistic process but most of all it is about remembering life's moments and telling our story.  More so since I have begun researching my family tree, I want to leave something behind that will tell my children (and grandchildren) about their past. What seems ordinary and insignificant to us today will give future generations special insight into our lives. I hope you like my latest efforts!


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