Monday, October 4, 2010

An Ordinary Life

I have people ask me, "why do you scrapbook"? I even had someone tell me that it seemed like a waste of time to spend hours making something that was only going to get thrown away when I died.  Can you believe that???? Sure, most people have no idea how long I spend on some layouts (and it is kind of a family joke that I can spend a weekend at a retreat and finish three pages) but that's OK. 

I do it because it feeds my creative spirit but mostly I do it to tell my story and the story of my family. At first it was just all the big life events... birthdays, weddings, vacations, but now I record even the most ordinary days. If my great grandmother had kept such a scrapbook for me to read today, I would consider it such an amazing gift! I would love to know how she spent her ordinary days! 

So.... I scrapbook for me.... I scrapbook for my children.... and I scrapbook for their children.  I wonder what an ordinary day will look like for them? 


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