Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LOAD withdrawal

LOAD Day 31
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Wow! I did more layouts in October than I have in the past two years (not that I counted layouts for the last two years, but if I did....).

Doing Lain's Layout a Day was such a fantastic experience and to be honest, I am a little lost without my morning challenge. So, in the name of keeping me sane, I am now starting her "Define Your Style from A to Z" workshop!

Today is also the first day of Your Life: Through The Lens with Katrina Kennedy! I learned so much from Katrina's first workshop The Very Basics, and I am soooo excited for this next one. You can follow Katrina on her blog About a Boy.

Now if I can just find that perfect balance that allows me to take the on-line classes I want, create something every day, have a healthy meal on the table every night, exercise every day and keep my house spotlessly clean! If you find it, let me know!


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