Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Space Transformed

When we first moved into this house, all the closets had floor to ceiling mirrored doors, this photo shows the master bedroom closet (just the end of it) it was 64 square feet of mirror.... on my side of the bed.... waaaaay more of myself than I want to see first thing in the morning!
Our room before
I hated them, they came off the tracks and I was forever wiping off fingerprints. In the small back entry (off our kitchen) the doors hid some “homemade” shelving that served as a dumping ground for dog food, tools that never made it back to their homes and other miscellaneous crap. I didn’t take a picture before we removed the doors and emptied the shelves but midway through the demo it looked like this:
I had a “light bulb” moment when our local Rona was having a truckload cabinet sale that we could turn this space into a mini version of a butlers pantry giving us some useful storage and getting rid of the ugly dumping ground. I really liked the result except for the fact that the “chimney” was framed in the corner but since we need heat, that had to stay.
during back porch
Fast forward two years and I am trying to figure out what to do with Randy’s wine tower (our house is too small to give up real estate to a full sized wine fridge). It was a Christmas gift from me and has had many homes (the last one being taken over when I made my AV cabinet). It had been sitting in the living room (my quiet space) and the noise when it ran was driving me bonkers.
wine fridge
Then last week…. “light bulb”! If we cut our base cabinets around the chimney stack and made the counter go all the way across the wine tower would fit perfectly underneath!
I like this version even better (and can use the old counter in my laundry room)!
after back closet
I love this little space and it holds all our canned goods and my baking supplies (and now the wine). I am considering finding another spot for my cookbooks and making the countertop area into a coffee bar… any thoughts on that?
The only problem is the lack of light which will have to wait until spring when we change the door, which opens onto our back deck with a full-windowed version.


  1. It's fun to see all of your changes. I love the idea of a coffee bar. Will you be serving espresso? Hehe!

  2. Fabulous!! Such creative thinking to make use of this little space!! Angie xo

  3. GREAT placement for the wine tower! SO creative!

  4. What a great space! I like how you lined up all your cook books. The wine tower fits perfect.

  5. Gayle, seriously, you guys are the reno kings (king and queen?) We have the original metal bi-fold doors in our house. And I HATE them. I've actually asked for new closet doors for our room for my birthday. It would be the best birthday present ever. seriously.


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