Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

I love having a whole new year in front of me.. full of promise and possibility! Of course, I have made the obligatory resolutions... eat healthy, exercise more, be kinder and more patient but these are things I continue to work on all through the year (and most likely for the rest of my life).

Looking back on 2010 I would call it my year of change; I left my job, opened my own business, and transitioned (somewhat roughly but I made it) into someone who works outside the home to being home every day.  It was a tough transition and at times I wondered if I had made the right choice but in the end I am happy with the changes I made in 2010.

I have signed up for Ali Edwards' new class called One Little Word and will be spending 2011 focusing on my chosen word DETERMINATION. I actually feel like this word chose me more than the other way around, it seemed to be everywhere once I started thinking about what word to chose.  It makes sense to me - I have a few goals set for myself that will require determination in 2011.

Today I also started a new "art" journal, I have started them before but always seemed to be intimidated by the process. Although I am definitely crafty I have never thought of myself as artistic. I would see the art journaling done by my artistic friends and feel like my attempts did not measure up.  Then I stumbled upon this post and I realized that my way is just fine. So I am starting again, this time rolling my journal into one with my obsessive need to make lists and I hope it will result in something that will be a a somewhat creative (perhaps even artsy in the end) chronicle of my year.

And... last but not least I am once again making an attempt at Project 365 in hoped that it will help to improve my photography skills. There you have it... my loosely woven to-do list for the new year.  Let's hope it's a good one!


  1. Sounds like a good start to the year! Love your website!


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