Monday, January 31, 2011

One little word…. Determination

For the first time this year I am taking part in Ali Edward’s workshop, One Little Word. As Ali puts it, “A word that to focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life.”
I am using the monthly assignments to create a (mostly)digital album but participants are welcome to put their own spin on things.

For 2011 my word is Determination (determined). 


Have you ever had the experience where something seemed to be popping into your line of vision all the time? You know, like when you buy a new car and all of a sudden you start to see cars just like yours on the road? That was the way with my word… once I started thinking about what my word should be “determination” seemed to be popping up everywhere… like someone was trying to tell me something.

Title page copy

2010 was a year of soul searching and change for me, it seems that 2011 will be a year for me to stick to my chosen paths and find success through hard work and determination.

Page two copy

2010 was about achieving balance… 2011 is about energy, drive, persistence and willpower.

Page one copy

I use my word daily, starting my journal entries with, "Today I am determined to…."
Some days I am determined to more than others Smile but using my word is keeping me focused on my goals!

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  1. I love the decoration on your cards. very nicely done! thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your word! I adore the necklace!! Angie xo

  3. Great choice! Mine is "do" but the idea is the same. Well done with your album and elements. Love it and look forward to your journey this year :)

  4. what a great choice of 'word'! we can all take a lesson from it! :)

  5. love your choice to start a journal entry each day for what you're determined to do. Love your self-portrait and I should really get a necklace to help me remember my word. Enjoy your journey with your word this year.

  6. I like how you ask your question daily to keep your word on your mind. Great post!

  7. wow.....totally too pretty. Terrific post.

  8. Love your selfportrait! And a beautiful page.

  9. I know what you mean 'some days I am more determined than others'. My word is Resolve and some days I find that I am not resolved to do anything at all about resolving the issues. Sigh. Glad we are all in the boat together. This is fun!

  10. Great connection between this year and last year!

  11. Cute blog!! Love the necklace and your page colours are nicely combined. Great photo!!

  12. Great idea about the daily journal. Love your cards for the Jan prompt.

  13. Your blog is adorable! I love it! Great OLW too. Love the necklace. I'm keeping a journal on my word too - it's great for really keeping the word present, isn't it? Thanks for sharing, see you around the classroom! :)

  14. In your self portrait, you certainly have the look. The daily journal is a wonderful way to keep yourself on target.

  15. I hope your determination takes you everywhere you want to go this year!

  16. Very nice post on your OLW. Love your analogy of how our word seems to be popping out at us along the journey!

  17. Your pages are really beautiful - and I love your selfie photo! And LOVE the daily journaling idea! For me that would translate to, "today I will focus on". Holy smokes - that's awesome and I'm doing it! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  18. Beautiful pages and I love your self portrait.

    Great choice of words for 2011. So many possibilities for change and growth.

  19. So your header is beyond cute! I love your word and journaling idea. I also read your transformation post and I love what you did. I looks like you might share my addiction for cookbooks. Good Luck this month with your word.

  20. Great post! I thought I recognized you and then noticed a familiar layout from a past LOAD! So, I did. Thanks for joining in the blog hop!

  21. I like the idea to start your journal entries with what you are determined to do that day -- such a great idea for keeping your word front and center!

  22. My word was the same, popping up all the time even though I didn't want it to be my OLW!
    I love that you start your journal entries like that - what a clever and practical way of keeping you centered and your word present!

  23. love your word and especially your take on the photo!!! love your take!!!!

  24. love your word too - would be a good word for all of us I think ... and I love your photo, very creative.

  25. Love your pages. 2010 was a soul searching "learning" year for me too. Now it's time for me to create. Great post.

  26. Your OLW pages are great, and determination is an excellent word! It's one I need to keep in mind, too. Thanks for visiting my blog. See you in LOAD. :)

  27. I didn't really know there was a OLW blog hop! Love the sense of purpose in your word! Last year was more of an over-thinking year for me. My word this year is DO.

  28. I found your blog at Thrifty Decor Chick. Nice blog. I am a new reader.

    Janie Out of Debt


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