Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peg People

Yesterday we spent almost 8 hours driving through a blizzard to deliver this cake:


To this special 5 year old:


He asked for a Disney castle cake with fireworks and Buzz Lightyear flying through the sky and that is just what he got! It was a huge hit! My friend Traci makes the most fabulous cakes (well she DID make the most fabulous cakes... she is hanging up her apron for a while and I am sad to see her go).

The facepainting was provided by my very talented daughter (another huge hit).

Of course we went with a gift for the five year old, a hot wheels race track and cars, but I thought I should bring a little something for his 2 year old sister.

Kira Jan 7, 2011

A while ago I had saved a post from Skip to my Lou  on making peg dolls. I thought it would make a great little gift for my niece if I made peg dolls of her family. I found two sizes of people at Michaels, dug out some acrylic paints and clear varnish and although my painting skills are a little rusty but I finally came up with these:

Peg people Jan 7, 2011

She was thrilled with "her little family" and had a great time taking them out of the little cloth bag I had made to show everyone and lining them up on the table.

They were a lot of fun to paint and made a cute last minute gift, it felt great to break out the paints and get a little creative. I bought a few extras.. wonder what I can make with them?


  1. Gayle, these are so darling. I love it all, the cake, the peg people...

    I do have A Great New Giveaway from Blydesign!Come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  2. Hello fellow Albertan lady!! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving me a comment! I love, love, love your peg family. So completely adorable!! What a terrific Auntie you are! Stay safe on these nasty roads! Angie xo

  3. Thanks Angie, I love your blog :)
    (partly because you are a maritime girl like me)

  4. i love the peg dolls Gayle!! What a great job you did one them. Keep safe while driving on those Alberta roads! We are having a beautiful sunny,snowy Maritime day! :)


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