Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where I'm from

Some of you may of heard of the "Where I'm From" writing exercise, if you Google it you will find lots of examples, I first saw it here.  My version strays a little from the original formula, but here it is: 

I am from lazy summers, from Nancy Drew books and board games.
I am from the country, from tadpoles and wild strawberries and hay fields.  I am from campfires and playing cards, from picking blueberries and tapping maple trees.  I am from skating on ponds and tobogganing in the dark.
I am from the lakeshore, from swimming and diving and canoeing. I am from the forest with babbling brooks and mossy clearings and chattering squirrels.
I am from green thumbs and red hair, from grandmothers with peppermints in their purses and Sunday hats and handkerchiefs. I am from Richardsons and Boutiliers, from Fred and Mabel.
I am from the creative and musical.
From go play outside and be home before dark.
I am from Spirit and Karma, from Sunday School and church picnics and reading and questioning and finding my own way.
I'm from Nova Scotia, lobster dinners & Alexander Keith’s beer.
From the fisherman whose day began well before the dawn, the railroad worker who raised a family of rowdy boys and the soldier who was proud to serve.
I am from farmers and foresters and fisherman, from nurses and homemakers. I am from carvers and quilters and builders and growers.  I am from family, aunts and uncles and cousins.
I am from laughter and love. 


  1. boy this really takes me back. especially the peppermints and handkerchiefs. you made me think of rebecca, melba and alma. thank you for that memory. it just all makes me want to slow down and relax. i would go fishing but it is just too dang cold here.

  2. Thank you Kelly! It's too dang cold for fishing here too!

  3. Oh hello fellow Nova Scotian lady too! When you said you were from Richardsons and Boutiliers, I got excited because those are common Maritime names. Which Project Life Kit did you order? I am stuck on the Amber Kit, but I haven't ordered one yet! Sorry to read about your Grandfather. Have a safe journey! Angie xo

  4. Hi Angie! I got the turquoise Project life and I love it!! I have the journaling cards packed in my carry :)


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