Monday, January 24, 2011

You too could do a layout a day! (LOAD 211 Blog Hop)

I have been counting down the days until February 1st and LOAD 211. For those of you who don't know what that means, it stands for the Layout A Day February 2011 edition.

This will be my second LOAD, I completed my first in October 2010 and I can honestly say, it changed my life (at least my life as a scrapbooker).  I really did finish 31+ layouts in 31 days (they're all right here, you can count them if you don't believe it's possible).

If you want to find out more, click on the little light bulb icon on the right hand side of my blog for a video that will explain it better than I can.  I would love to have you join me in February!


If you have already committed to LOAD 211, welcome aboard!! I can't wait to see what you create in February!! Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the ride ahead (at least they help me).

Prepare your space! For digiscrappers like me that means cleaning all the junk away from my computer, hooking up my scanner, wireless mouse and external hard drive. It helps me to start with a clean work area before starting a big project (as it does if I'm working on a paper scrapping project).
LOAD Day 25

Have some photos ready! I spend some time tagging digital photos and organizing my folders so I know where to find them.
LOAD 10/10 Day 2

Dig through your stash! I have sooo many digi elements saved on my external hard drive, it's good to just spend look through them to remind myself what I have to use!
LOAD Day 16

Don't be afraid to use a sketch/template/pagemap! Seriously this is not a "class" that you should stress out about. Yes, you are committing to a layout a day but you know what? Life happens! During October's LOAD I was preparing for a big community Halloween Party, my husband was in the middle of an election campaign and I was working hard to get my new business off the ground. Some days I just plonked some digi-papers and photos into a ready-made template and said DONE!

Enjoy the process! Those who know me know that I can be somewhat of a perfectionist. I have been known to spend an entire weekend at a scrapbooking retreat and come home with one double layout done. Doing LOAD helped release me from some of my anal perfectionist tendencies toward my pages. I learned to follow my instinct and be happy with the result.

You might want to warn tell your family about what you are doing. I knew when I signed up for my first LOAD that I would need time each day to complete a layout a day but what I did not realize was that I would have so many fantastic layouts by other participants to look at and get inspiration from every day!

LOAD Day 27

I first joined LOAD because I needed a kick in the butt to get me scrapbooking again and I wanted to practice my digital scrapbooking skills. What I found was a community of like minded scrappers that encouraged me on my journey. They commented on my layouts and understood how much work went into each and every one.

I couldn't wait for my daily email from Lain and the wonderful comments on every layout I posted.

I looked at and commented on as many layouts I could from other participants.

I marveled at their talent and creativity.

It challenged me and made me stretch the boundaries as a scrapbooker.

It helped me to stop stressing about each page, define "my style" and be OK with it.

I can't wait for February 1st!

I'm part of a blog hop with past LOAD participants, check out Jennifer - At the blue barn who is next on the hop!

All the participants are listed here in order if you want to start at the beginning:

Danielle H.
Danielle T.


  1. Gayle, I'm already signed up, and super excited! You inspired me to try this out, thanks!

  2. Great post, enjoyed the layouts. My family quickly figures out when it's LOAD even if I don't tell them. Can't wait to start, see you there.

  3. Lovely post, Gayle!! Thanks for the inspiration.
    See you at LOAD 2/11!
    Jennifer McIntyre

  4. I adore your collage of greatness, that is such a brilliant way to sum up your month! I am with you on using the stash and getting the mess off the computer. I think we could be good friends in this creative playground.

    I also adore your little houses wallpaper. Delightful~

  5. Love seeing a digiscrapper's viewpoint! I'm in the process of learning how to do digital; I have PSE and an external hard drive, just need to make time to figure it all out (besides the basic layouts I've done in Picasa). I remember seeing that hilarious birthday cake layout - too funny! I totally agree with you about warning the family; I've been prepping mine for about a month now, LOL!

  6. Good ideas. You've reminded me that I need to set up my new printer/scanner! My other one called it quits so I don't have a back up. I also love the suggestion that you might want to warn your loved ones. So true! So true! See you in the Flickr gallery! : )

  7. Brilliant! I agree it's nice to see a digi-view of LOAD. Hmm. Maybe I can try a few this time around. My family has been warned and much kid friendly food is on the prep list :)

  8. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with a handful of your gorgeous layouts from the last LOAD - I remember them all!

    It's interesting for me to see that the principles of preparation are the same for all of us whether we are digi or paper scrappers. Clear space, photos, products and stories!

    I started warning my husband about my Feb absence at Christmas! He is interested to see my growing pile of creations even if it means he is a bit neglected - great that our families are so supportive!

    Looking forward to seeing more digi scrumptiousness from you in Feb!

  9. Good point to warn the rest of the family:)
    Looking forward to get creative again.

  10. I'd love to know how to digi scrap!!!
    but photoshop and I have a very complcated relationship!
    Love all your tips, I sure can adapt them for traditional scrapbook.

  11. Love your post and your blog! So wonderful. I am using this LOAD challenge as a kick in the pants to get creative again. See ya at Flickr!

  12. I'm totally a paper scrapper and I really envy your digital skills. Looking forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery again soon!

  13. Love your layouts. I'm not a digi scrapper, but am always in AWE over the creations that I see in the gallery. Looking forward to taking the challenge with you.

  14. Love your digi tips. On days when I'm super busy, I happily use a digi template. Or when my desk is piled so high with paper I can't find my trimmer :D
    See you in February!

  15. Thx! I did LOAD in Oct and loved it, but signed up at the last possible moment so had NO PREP - remember your layout of your husband's election and the one you posted above - looking forward to see ya there again next month!

  16. I love the layouts that you've shared here - I've made notes on layouts I'd like to do for LOAD, inspired by yours! thank you!

  17. So true that you have to warn family and friends!!!

  18. Gayle, you are so funny! (And talented too... :) )
    Love the tip about warning your family!

  19. I just love LOAD! It totally changed the way I scrapbook too! It teaches you how well (or badly) your stuff is organized. It reinforced my love a fairly quick, always stress free, way of scrapping. If I do it 3x a year, that's 90 layouts a year. I love all the comments - giving and receiving.

  20. Fantastic post, Gayle. Love your recollections of last Oct's LOAD and your advice to not be afraid to use a sketch/page map/whatever and dig thru your stash & simply ENJOY the PROCESS! Heidi (aka move4life)

  21. Great tips- I wondered how a digi scrapper prepared for LOAD. Good idea on warning the family about LOAD :)

  22. Thanks for posting this. I am seriously thinking abut doing this, since I also need to find my digi-scrap style and am thinking this is the right project for me.
    I was kind of worried since I'm a digi scrapper was so happy to read your post.

  23. Well, Gayle...I made the commitment, mostly because I listened to you and your experience with the last LOAD in October. You inspired me! And I am going to attempt the digital scrapbooking this time. I hope I can keep up!


  24. Thanks again for all the comments everyone! I am so glad that my friends Kirsten and Kelly are both joining me in LOAD this time! Six more sleeps! :)

  25. You said it! Release the perfectionist inside and cherish the moment! I'm happy for you!

  26. I am jumping in on the blog hop a bit late. Load 211 will be my first one. I love, love, LOVE your first and last pages you highlighted on your post. Am already inspired and can't wait for Tuesday so we can get started!

  27. Gayle, I read all the blogs and your digi pages are very inspiring thanks for sharing and catch you on Wednesday.


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