Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds

This week I discovered a new addiction, Pinterest! If you are like me a can get lost looking at all the great ideas on the internet, you might want to set a timer before you even start on this site. I have so many new ideas swimming around in my head I might be sleeping in my craft room from now on! Here are a few of my favourite finds this week:

Make chalkboard paint in any colour from Martha Stewart!

I am so going to use this idea for storage in my craft room, just when I thought I had seen every use there was for baby food jars! From dav.i.son

I am so glad I didn’t see this in time to make one for this year because I really would have wanted to and wouldn’t really have had the time but next year baby I am so making one of these from momandwife:

And although I know picnic season is still a long way off (for me at least), now is a good time to make one of these cute picnic totes from zakkalife:

Last but not least, make your own accent “lamps” from JC's Loft, how cute are those?

So many ideas… so little time


  1. Thanks for sharing! That spice idea is really cute.

  2. cute! cute! cute! cute! & cute!! think i'm gonna wait til i have that time you mentioned, before popping over there! :P


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