Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home reno rewind - Kitchen

I recently had a couple of readers ask about house photos so I thought I would do a few “rewind” posts and catch you up.

We have done a LOT of work on this little house since we purchased it in October of 2006.  The first (and by far the most extensive/expensive) was the kitchen. Here are a few before photos:

This was the day we moved in (all the stuff the movers wouldn’t bring from the old house was pile on the counters) and that is all of the cupboards… really… no pantry or anything. I was a little freaked about where everything was going to fit.

This was a few days later, there were boxes in the basement full of dishes and food with no homes. From the being we had plans to take some of the money we made from the sale of our previous home to re-do the kitchen.

We shopped around for DIY kitchens, got quotes from several kitchen renovation companies and in the end hired a local carpenter to build what we needed. He came highly recommended and worked with us me to design exactly what we I wanted. We hired him in November and he promised that I would be cooking Easter dinner in my new kitchen.

These were my new cabinets in August.
Aug 2, 2007 036

We did the demo and prep work ourselves, and then waited (patiently??) for the kitchen to be ready for install. Of course our my plan called for the moving of the plumbing and electrical as well as removing a window (there was more than one).
Aug 2, 2007 002

Oh, happy day! Now to wait for the granite counters so we can get the rest done.
Aug 2, 2007 005

Did you notice a sink in there? Nope, we lived without running water in the kitchen for longer than I cared to remember.
Aug 2, 2007 006

This was all done before my blogging days so I really wasn’t thinking about “in process photos”. Fast forward a little to Thanksgiving weekend (that’s right, not Easter, Thanksgiving) and I am finally cooking a meal in my new kitchen.

I love my granite counters (except for the fact they they show up dust… big time). Hmmm, perhaps I should have emptied the dishes from the sink before I took photos?

Notice all those yummy glass tiles? My hubby did that! Yep, he’s a keeper!

I have oodles of storage.

Oh, look! There’s a photo of my back entry in it’s original, mirrored glory! See this post for it’s make over. The only thing not done at this point is painting the walls, putting in a new floor and installing new lighting.

And here is how it looks today (sorry for the closed blind but it was the only way I could get a decent shot).
kitchen after

I love my kitchen, it is warm and cozy and I can usually be found sitting right here with my laptop (while my husband cooks if I’m lucky).  When the window is open it lets in lots of light and I don’t miss the other window one bit. It was a long process from start to finish but worth all the stress we went through!



  1. Wow, what a transformation. Your kitchen is stunning now!

  2. wow, what an ordeal.. thoughts of it, would keep me awake at night! though, i wish we could do such a major overhaul here in the rental.. but doubt the landlord would foot that bill! :P
    great job & it's beauTiful!

  3. Wow, what a crazy change!! Love the cupboards, and all the storage, lucky you. No more pots and pans in the bottom of the stove??? :)


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