Saturday, February 26, 2011

When the weather outside is frightful…

My top two ways to spend a cold winter day... reading a good book or digital scrapbooking.  Since this month was LOAD I did lots of digital scrapbooking and not much reading (or laundry, or cleaning, or cooking).
I find that as the month went on some of my layouts got quite personal so I might not share them all here but I will be adding most of them over the next few days.
Aaron the firefighter

I can’t believe this guy is now almost 23… time flies!


  1. Wow! a kindred spirit! (scrapper, photographer). I see that you are following my blog so I hopped right over here. Been browsing your blog. You participate in a lot of projects! I've never even heard of LOAD! I have to make at least 5 layouts a month (sometimes more) for the creative teams that I'm on and that keeps me hopping! But I take forever to make a page!


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