Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking at the world with my camera in hand

In 2008 my husband bought me a Canon Rebel DSLR and for a long time it stayed firmly on auto. In 2010 I was determined to learn how to use all the bells and whistles on this baby and signed up for a photography class… which was cancelled at the last minute. There were lots of classes offered in the city but they were expensive and required lots of driving so I turned to my old friend Google to find a class on-line.

What I discovered was Katrina Kennedy’s classes though Get It Scrapped and I haven’t turned back to auto since (even with my little point and shoot)! After taking her Very Basics class and Your Life: Captured Through the Lens I am so much more confident with my camera. I still have much to learn, but I am having fun experimenting and learning to look at the world around me with a new eye.

In an effort to improve my photography skills (practice makes perfect) I embarked on my first Project 365 in January, which quickly turned into an “Almost 365” Project.  Then on March 4th, Katrina launched Capture Your 365 and my project was rekindled and has been going strong ever since!

This morning I checked the site to see that she had chosen one of my photos as one of her favourites of the week! What a great way to start my day!

March 24 copy

This is not a photo I would have taken without the daily email prompt which said the shoot something red. My shiny new watering can is just waiting for spring (like me) but I loved how it contrasts against the snow. I’m sure my neighbours must think I’m nuts wandering around outside in the snow with my watering can and camera, taking pictures of it in different parts of the yard.. looking for just the right spot.

I’m loving the community of photographers that is growing at, if you are looking for inspiration I encourage you to join me there. Happy shooting!


  1. I too love that shot; all of us eager for Spring.

  2. Great shot - the red against the snow is perfect!
    I have been saying for years that I want to get off auto. I do from time to time when I have a very specific type of shot that I want to take and I get online guidance (bokeh or more recently the moon) but a class would be really great for me. I love Katrina's photography so I ought to check out the class. As for photo a day - I did it for 5 years and this year am failing miserably!!!
    thanks for getting my photo brain working again!


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