Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 12: A “Hoot Owl” Bag

I did get my daily project done on Day 12 (really I did), I’m just late posting due to spending a lovely evening with friends.

I am a sucker for cute fabric like this adorable owl print that I got on clearance:


I didn’t really have a reason for buying it other than it was cute and cheap and I knew I could use it someday.

I had pinned a reversible purse project a la Martha Stewart some time ago and since I had lots of this fabric kicking around decided to make a “Hoot Owl” bag. (Hoot Owls are what my 3 year old niece calls them and she will be the recipient of this project.)

What took the longest was trying to figure out how to enlarge the pattern on my home printer/scanner/copier. This photo is for those of you who think I am both crafty and organized….


Note that the only tape I could find in my whole house is green painters tape.

You can get a full tutorial from “Martha” on her website.

Here’s the finished project:


You just slip the long handle through the short one to carry it, how stinkin’ cute is that? I think it will be perfect for Kira to carry her treasures in!


This turned out a little smaller than I thought it would probably due to my lack of skill at enlarging the pattern. It was easy to make though so I’m thinking I will try it again.

I’m off to the craft to clean it for a bit so I can thoroughly mess it up again!



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