Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 17: “Frosted" Glass


Sometimes we have to learn to adapt… I was planning on making a trio of painted vases like the ones I had pinned from 52 Projects (notice she did a project a week, not an insane one a day).

It was supposed to be easy, take three glass vases like this:


Wrap elastic bands around them and spray paint them white.

Problem #1: The only elastics I could find in my house looked like this:


Notice that in my true OCD form I make all my elastics into a neat little bag in the drawer of my desk, thereby making them both easy to find and stretched and wrinkled beyond the point where they can be used for this project.

My solution: Cut painters tape into strips and wrap the vases in them instead. If you ever find you need to make skinny strips of painters tape, I just stuck them onto my cutting mat and used a ruler and a knife to slice them into strips.


I know that the example I used had really funky crisscrossed lines and I tried, really I did. Did I mention the OCD tendencies? Mine turned out like this:


Here is where problem #2 presented itself… this required spray painting and normally I do my spray painting outside (my dream home has an attached garage with a corner dedicated to spray painting). This was the scene outside today:


Um, I’m not going out there! Those are drifts, people... DRIFTS!

No problem though, we still have one unfinished room in our basement that is presently quite empty so I set up a little area and proceeded to spray paint, just gotta open the window when I’m done for a bit and let the room air out, right?

Wrong! The window was frozen shut and despite my best attempts would not budge.

This all took place in the morning and I was hopeful that the fumes would dissipate before R got home saving me the lecture about spraying in a well ventilated area… blah, blah, blah.

I thought I was safe, I certainly couldn’t smell them anymore but it only took about three minutes for him to bring to my attention that the fumes were still there, apparently I was just used to them.  This does not upset me as much as it does him… I am married to the Safety Bear.

Fumes aside, what I ended up with was this:


I used frosted glass paint instead of white and my plan is to make a holiday centerpiece with some frosted twigs and small glass ornaments (and maybe a mirrored tray if I can find/make one).  I have probably killed a few brain cells (according to the Safety Bear) but it was worth it.




  1. I think this one is now my favourite, previous fav was the boogie monsters.

  2. Gayle, I liked this so much I pinned your final pic onto my pintrest board. shazzam!

  3. Cool! I pinned your laundry room wall art!

  4. Well at least you have a nice centrepiece, even if you aren't as bright as you once were. I've been reading back through all your projects and laughed out loud when I read this one - married to the "safety bear" - too funny! What a lot of great projects you have done. Very impressive. This is one of my favourites.


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