Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 22: Custom Christmas Candles

DIY Christmas Candles

One of the things I was really excited about when we got transferred to Edmonton was the fact that there is an Ikea! For some reason a lot of corporations seem to think that Canada ceases to exist east of Quebec so shopping at Ikea was never an option for me before.

Every trip to Ikea I stock up on two things…




And napkins… I loved these silver snowflake ones!

I have to admit this is a project that I have done before, but when I saw this pinned from the blog The Ivy Cottage I was reminded of what a quick and easy project it is. I had previously done this with tissue paper, but once I ironed all the folds (it’s not weird to iron paper napkins, is it?) and separated the layers I figured napkins would do the trick.

All that is required is to cut the napkin to fit (in this case 5x8.25), wrap the candle and then heat with a heat gun until the wax begins to melt into the napkin.


Just be careful not to hold it in one place for too long or the wax will drip. You’ll be able to see the wax seep though… The possibilities are endless! There are so many pretty napkins out there for all occasions.


Once I get the rest of the Christmas stuff out of storage I’ll be able to spruce this up a little more but for now… this is it! I think this was the fastest project this month!



  1. Those are really pretty and I have a lot of plain candles that could use a spruce up!

  2. Gorgeous, Gayle, really pretty! They would make a nice gift for someone, wouldn't they? I love IKEA, I haven't been in years, but if I ever get to one again, I'll be getting another of those wooden box drawer things - I house some of my scrapping supplies in it on my desk, and it's all full! Hugs, Roxy.


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