Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 23 & 24: More Quick & Easy Christmas Decor

The closer it gets to December the harder it is to find free time.  I did complete a challenge yesterday, I just didn’t have time to take pictures and write a blog post about it… a girl needs to sleep sometimes!

So, better late than never, here is Day 23:

Popsicle stick snowflake 2

When we renovated our front porch, we finished the exterior wall around our front door in this “stacked stone” and it was just screaming out to me for some kind of wall decor!

Can you guess what time was made from???


I’m not even kidding… popsicle sticks!! Can you believe it? Glue em all together and you get this…


You can get the full tutorial from The Crafty Nest, just be forewarned that she says you need to make sure your angles are 30 degrees and they are actually 60 degrees.  You do need to be pretty accurate with your angles to get everything to fit together but other than that this was a quick craft. Several coats of exterior gloss paint later and it looks awesome on my stone wall!

And now for Day 24: Scrabble Ornaments

I am still getting lots of use out of my thrift store scrabble game…

Scrabble Ornaments

This was an idea that was pinned from Etsy… so you can order them ready made if you are so inclined. If you want to make your own, here’s what I did.


I cut a thin piece of cardboard to fit my letters and glued them on…nothing fancy, I just used a box from the recycling bin.

Scrabble Ornaments 2

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough so that you can fold it in half and have room for a loop at the top for hanging and about three inches at the bottom. Loop a bead through the top and then glue the ribbon to the back of your ornament.

Scrabble Ornaments 3

Glue a piece of felt on the back. I actually glued the felt on first and then trimmed it to fit after, much easier than trying to get it lined up perfectly after you have cut it.

Scrabble Ornaments 4

These would be great as gift tags that could later be hung on the tree!

Six days to go to complete 30 projects in 30 days… next November the only thing I am going to commit to everyday is a nap!



  1. I really like this one too - it is so simple and so cute.

  2. I adore that Popsicle stick snowflake. And methinks you should post pics of your renovated porch area! I haven't seen the after!

  3. You're still hanging in there, crazy girl, awesome! Both these projects look so great - might be something I could do with the kids, eh? Hmmmm, could get messy... Anyway, thanks for pinning my page! Maybe I need you to invite me onto pinterest after all. And I'm so glad you liked the Book Thief, you're the only one I know who's read it! We'll have to compare book lists one day. Hugs, Roxy.

  4. This was fantastic Gayle, my pathfinders could do this, heck even my brownies!


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