Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 25 & 26: A Santa Pole and an Epic Craft Fail

This is one of my favourite projects yet! This is going to look awesome on the front porch!

Here is Day 25: A Santa Pole!

Santa Pole (2)

I got the idea from a blog called (fittingly) The Idea Closet. Her version was under two feet tall and designed for a table top. Mine is four feet tall and made to withstand an Alberta winter.

#1 lesson learned from this little project? The selection of fence posts in Edmonton in November is very slim…. I picked through the few in stock in my local Rona found the best one I could.

Supplies needed
1 – four foot fence post
1 – four foot length of 1x4 pine
1 – wooden final
1 – 8 inch length of 2 x 8
Wood screws
Wood glue

I don’t really have any in progress photos of this because I had to get Safety Bear to cut the boards… not because I don’t know how but because I have an injured shoulder and although I tried, I just don’t have the strength.

Every time he saw me with the camera he did this:

Lilypad Lane Blog photo 10

Thanks hun, nice shot of your back! (BTW, see that unfinished wall in the background? Guess what we are doing in December?)

Basically we he attached the finial to the top of the pole and the 2x8 to the bottom. After I snapped this photo I painted it white.

Santa Pole 1

Please try to ignore the mess in the background… I have crafting to do people, there is no time to clean!
Three 16” signs were cut from the 1x4 pine.


After a few coats of red, I used my trusty Cricut to make a stencil and painted on my letters. (Craft vinyl can get pricey, try asking your local sign shop for scraps, they are perfect for projects like this).

Santa Pole 3

Did I mention that I love this project? Want to know the smartest thing I did on this one? Attached the signs with heavy-duty Velcro!! Yep, I can see this with different signs for Easter or Valentine’s Day! But here’s the finished Christmas Pole:

Santa Pole

Sorry for the late night photo again.

Now for Day 26: DIY Photo Canvas or as I like to call it… Epic Craft Fail

I can’t find where I pinned this idea, but I thought well it’s easy enough…

Step One: Print your photo onto tissue paper… ever tired that? I don’t even want to talk about how many tries that took me. I finally got it to feed through my printer by tacking it onto a sheet of copy paper with some squares of double sided tape.

Craft Fail 1

Step Two: Modge Podge your tissue paper onto a primed canvas… sounds simple enough… notice how it looks pink? That because it is pink!!! And it didn’t get any better when it dried.

Craft Fail 2

I guess in 26 days I can handle one craft fail…

I won’t say I did it gracefully or quietly but I’m admitting defeat today. I’m losing steam… four days to go until November (and my 30 day challenge) are nothing but a memory!



  1. No failure that I can see tried and that alone is a success...remember there are those of us out here who only dream of that kind of failure.
    Pls don't stop...ever...
    PS - Nice back Randy....

  2. Love the pole, it really is going to look great on your porch! As for losing steam, I have to say, look at all you have done this month!! Don't look at it as slowing down, look at it as getting oh so much done! :-)


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