Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 28: DIY Dry Erase Board

Physio kicked my butt today so I’m glad I had an easy project planned.
A DIY dry erase board based on an idea from the blog Little Birdie Secrets.

DIY Message Board 1

It only took a few minutes and some scrapbooking supplies. I used the cardboard included in the frame as a base and just stuck everything on that.


Once it was in the frame and behind glass I hung it on the end of my kitchen cabinet with some 3D Command Strips.

The glass acts like a dry erase board, another brilliant idea!

DIY Message Board 2

If I get tired of the background, I can easily change it. Once I finished this marathon 30 days of crafting and spend an afternoon cleaning my craft room, I just might find enough Christmas themed scrapbooking supplies to do a holiday version... maybe...

Two days to go... now back to my heating pad!



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