Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 9: Scrabble Pillows

I combined two pins in this challenge, the scrabble pillows were a pin from Etsy that I fell in love with when I saw them. They were made with the letters sewn on in felt but I painted mine on using a freezer paper stencil technique that I pinned from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.


I wanted fabric that would stand up to a lot because these pillows were going in our family room so I purchased a canvas drop cloth from the paint department of Home Depot and got enough fabric to make 6 pillows for only $16 dollars (score!!).

After I cut the fabric into 20 inch squares (my pillows were 18 inches) and sewed up three sides. I cut the stencil out of freezer paper with my Cricut machine and ironed it onto the fabric…


Painted it with black fabric paint….


Let it dry and set following the product instructions, inserted the pillow form and stitched up the last side!

Ta Da!


My original plan was to make five of these tonight to spell the word RELAX but I will have to finish the rest on the weekend. Today was my first physiotherapy session for a shoulder injury and one pillow was all my shoulder could take today.

I love the drop cloth fabric, after washing and drying it feels so much softer than I thought it would and it was waaaay cheaper than buying canvas at the fabric store. I even have lots left over for other projects!

Hmm, must go search Pinterest for things to make with canvas!



  1. Genius idea to buy the canvas at home depot. I may just lift this idea Gayle. You are inspiring me to want to get crafty...crazy! I haven't felt crafty (other than scrapping) in a loooong time. So thanks!

  2. You're welcome :) I am dying to try slip-covering a chair with the canvas drop cloths! I just need a few days in a row with nothing else to do!


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