Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Days 6 & 7 or When Projects Don’t Go As Planned!

Day 6 of my challenge was just that… a challenge. I bought canvases some time ago with the intent to make inspirational/motivational wall art for our new fitness room (the recently vacated room of grown child #2). 


1. It looked really easy on Pinterest, pinned from a blog post from the Brassy Apple… Adhere a vinyl quote onto a painted canvas (no problem)


2. Paint over the whole canvas with your main colour (at this point I'm thinking this project is a piece of cake!)


3. Peel off the letters and do some minor touch ups and you have a finished canvas wall quote! Um, not quite.

MINOR TOUCH UPS?? This thing was a mess!! So much for getting my project done in a day! It took me three coats of paint to turn this….


Into this…


Believe me when I say this was not my finest crafting hour! It looks much better from a few feet away than it does close up. Thankfully, the fitness room is not one that I plan on inviting guests into.

Since Day 6 really took me a day and a half, I choose a much less involved project for Day 7.

I have very grand plans to eventually have a beautiful laundry room so I have lots of ideas pinned for what my perfect laundry room will look like. One of my save projects from The Painted Parsonage was for a glass jar for laundry soap. I think her labels were purchased but I used my Cricut Machine to cut my own vinyl labels to turn an Ikea jar from this:


Into this:


No more plastic bag sitting on the counter! I’m light years away from a dream laundry room but it’s a start, right?

I’m giving myself an extra pat on the back for not tossing that canvas in the garbage in disgust. I can’t promise I won’t paint over the whole thing and try it again in the future but for now, I’ve got 23 more things to do off Pinterest, I don’t have time for “do overs”.

I think tomorrow I will move out of the craft room for a little break and into the kitchen!  If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet but you want one, message me and I’ll send you an invite! I do not, however, accept any responsibility for hours you may lose once addicted.



  1. Haha, you know that's one reason why I haven't gone on pinterest yet, I hear it's highly addictive and I'm already addicted to just the computer in general! Anyway, love your canvas, I think it looks great, and I love the saying!!! And the soap jar is soooooo cute, looks really professional! Great job, Roxy.

  2. Come to the dark side Roxy!! We have cookies! Well, we have pictures of cookies ;0)

  3. Wow, love your laundry soap container. I too have a laundry room board and think I *need* to now go and make my own soap container. :)
    Nicely done Gayle!


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