Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Day 13: 3D Star Wreath

_MG_4090 edited

I have sooo many ideas pinned using these 3D stars but decided to make a wreath based on one from the blog Gluesticks. Now that I have made my first few, I plan on using them for several Christmas projects.


I used my Cricut to cut out several 4 inch and 3 inch stars and then scored them 5 times from the tip of each point to the V directly across from it. Then you crease the lines and fold the star into the 3D shape.


To make the base of my wreath I cut a circle out of cardboard and then covered it with stars that had not been creased.


I then used my hot glue gun to layer on the 3D stars.

_MG_4083 editedI

I really wish I could get my act together to get these things done earlier in the day so I can get some better quality photos. This looks so much prettier in real life than it does here and it looks very cute in my craft room. I love the non-traditional pink and black Christmas paper.

Want to hang something on your cabinet doors without leaving a mark? Use an upside down command hook on the inside of your door! Another neat idea from Pinterest!


Almost two weeks into my Pinterest Challenge and although I am getting lots of projects completed I think my poor husband is beginning to think I have forgotten how to cook! Good thing he is willing to pitch in and be the chief cook and bottle washer while I am pursuing my crazy month long challenge.



  1. Hey, Gayle, this looks so cool! I'm glad your husband is so supportive because then I get to look at all your projects! And thanks for the recipe, it sounds great - I am definitely going to try it soon! Hugs, Roxy.

  2. I love this project!!! I've gotten behind reading about your challenge so today I'm catching up! You've inspired me to get out my hot glue gun and some of the stacks of paper I've been hoarding! lol

  3. Thanks! This was so simple but I absolutely love it!


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