Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Day 19: Chocolate Covered is Always Better

I wonder if I could manage to be as committed to working out everyday as I am to this Pinterest Challenge?

Today was a crazy long day but at 10pm I was in the kitchen making chocolate covered pretzels.
Glutino Pretzels are one of the few gluten free snacks that actually taste good.


I figured when I saw the idea pinned from the website Baked Perfection that they could only be better covered in white chocolate.

Unfortunately mine do not look anything like the picture that I found on-line…


After actually reading the instructions I discovered that she fished each pretzel out of the chocolate one at a time, um..did I mention it was after 10pm?  My version were dumped in the bowl of melted chocolate, stirred around and then plopped on wax paper to cool. 

Not as pretty but waaay easier and let’s be honest here… these are not going to make it out of my house. 

Goodnight all, tomorrow I am back in the craft room!



  1. Too funny...awwww, who cares what they look like, as long as they are tasty! :-)

  2. you had me at chocolate...


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