Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Challenge Day 3: Coffee Sleeve

This one has been on the top of my “want to make” list for quite some time. I actually have several versions pinned including versions from Urban Comfort and Crafty Staci. Here is my version:

Edited MG_3938

Today is one of those days when I have a million things to do, including going out to a dinner tonight so I was in my craft room, bleary-eyed, before the sun came up to get today’s project done.

I had this brilliant idea that I would use my Cuttlebug to cut felt into shapes which I would then iron onto the sleeve with fusible web and stitch in place.

Quick and easy, right?

Um, No!

Apparently in my mind I had a huge amount of dies for my Cuttlebug that I would be able to use. What I found I had were lots of little shapes that would take me more than a few minutes before work to stitch on (luckily my boss aka ME is OK with me bringing in a project to work on).

Do you see those tiny little stiches?  My grandmother would be proud.


Since I have lots of felt scraps kicking around, I made my sleeve from two layers of felt with a layer of batting sandwiched in between. It should not only make it easier to hold the hot cup but act as an insulator as well. Great for people like me who live miles away from a decent coffee shop.

Because I am a coffee addict and a craftoholic I have been saving paper sleeves because I was sure I would make something out of them some day, I traced one for a pattern. If you don't have a template laying around, googling "coffee sleeve template" will give you lots to choose from. All the versions I had pinned we either made of a stretchy fabric or had some kind of a fastener to hold them tight on the cup. I had neither of those things on hand so I used several small pieces of elastic that I sewed in between the layers like this:


And now it fits nice and snug on my Grande Soy Green Tea Latte! Well, I had to go buy one just to make sure, didn’t I?


Oops, there’s a bald spot! I guess I need to cut out a few more of those cute little paisley shapes. I actually managed to make this reversible, so I still have to fancy up the pink side too. My original plan was make more than one of these because… well let’s face it, I will lose this one. Since my first attempt turned out pretty good I see more on the horizon.

Hmmm, what to make tomorrow?

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  1. Cute Gayle, do you have measurements??? Or do we have to figure these out on our own like you did, lol

  2. Sorry about that :) I just updated the post to include links to templates.


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