Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 Days of Pinterest Challenge Day 29 & 30: The End

Well, I made it! My house is a disaster area and my husband is losing patience but I did finish 30 projects in 30 days! The last two seem to indicate that I need a drink:

Day 29: Tile Coasters


I found lots of tutorials on how to make photo coasters on Pinterest, like this one from Tipjunkie. After my epic craft fail of Day 26 I was not in a hurry to try modge podge on a photo again so I decided to make mine with some quote about wine and drinking.


I think these would be a lot of fun at a party and your guest could take their coaster home!

Day 30: A gift for the man who has everything!

Tomorrow is December 1st and I am delivering advent calendars to my niece and nephew… This year I decided to give one to my brother as well.


I turned 24 of his favourite beer….


Into a whole herd of reindeer!


One a day until the big event!

And that’s it… my 30 Days of Pinterest Challenge is complete!

The next time I get a crazy idea like this in my head, somebody slap me… and by slap me I mean pour me a glass of wine and make me re-read all these blog posts.

Thanks to everyone who followed along and gave me so much encouragement! You guys rock!



  1. BobbiJo RichardsonDecember 1, 2011 at 8:38 AM

    I think it was probably wine that got you into this?? ;)

  2. Bahaha! These are awesome!!! Absolutely love 'em! You did great, I hope you poured yourself a big glass of something yummy! Now it's my turn to do December Daily, hugs, Roxy. Oh, PS - I'm following you on Pinterest now, thanks for hooking me up! Don't think I'll be able to play around there until the New Year, though.

  3. Those coasters are a hoot! and I love your beer bottles!

  4. Thanks for a chuckle or two. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. I love these coasters. And I have used this tutorial as well with photos on tissue paper, but did you use tissue paper as well? How did you make the paper not show? Because this looks like a stamp!


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