Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Pinterest 2012: Day One

I’m baaaccck :)

If you were following me last November, you might remember my insane attempt to complete 30 Pinterest projects in 30 days…

I did manage to complete the Challenge and in the end swore I would never do that again! But, like childbirth, a year later my memory of the stress has faded and all I remember is what a great feeling of accomplishment I had in the end.

So… when the idea struck me to do it again this October, (instead of having me committed) my friends and family all encouraged me to do it again. 

Day 1: Decoupaged clipboards

I got my inspiration from the blog for these decoupaged clipboards for my office:

Sorry, but it was dark by the time they dried enough to put them up for a photo Sad smile
I started with plain clipboards from Staples:

Painted the edges with white craft paint:

And used ModgePodge to cover them with coordinating scrapbook paper:


Because of my CDO (it’s like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical like they are supposed to be), I used my labelled to label the clipboards for Home, Work, Committees, and Brownies and now I have a place to put all the loose papers until I am ready to file them away!
I have had the clipboards in the closet for this project for at least two months… why is it that I need a crazy month-long challenge to actually DO this stuff??
I’m hoping to use this month to finally put some finishing touches on the office and maybe the laundry room.
If you’re following along this month… please let me know! Hit the comments below or follow my facebook page. You guys said you wanted me to do this again so don’t be afraid to show me some love, I’m going to need it!


  1. What an awesome idea to have a month of putting pins to use! I'll have to think on this...

  2. Ah, Gayle, you are crazy awesome! I love the "CDO", I'm actually laughing out loud right now! (One of my quirks, I never say "LOL" or other abbreviations - except for I just said it now, oops!) I have had a CTMH clipboard for a couple of years now, and it is still blank, never covered it or did anything with it. Actually, I have a CTMH photo box that I use every day, and it is still white and uncovered. Maybe I need to join you on this journey... on second thought, maybe I should just worry about unpacking from our move three months ago! Good luck, I'll be keeping tabs on you here, hugs, Roxy.


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