Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Pinterest 2012: Day Six

One of the things that I have never quite gotten accustomed to since moving to the prairies is the dry winter air. I get nosebleeds all winter and I go through buckets of lotion (well, maybe not buckets but I use lots)! I even wake up in the night because my hands and feet are too dry and need lotion. I hate the feeling of rough winter skin!!
When I first saw this idea pinned it was as a gardeners hand scrub from One Good Thing but I will be using mine all winter.

This was a super simple project! Start by filling your jar with plain ole white sugar… I had to do this quick before SB got home and saw baking supplies out… I hate when he gets his hopes up for nothing.

Then you stir in some Dawn dish soap with Olay! The original pin had a pink soap but this lavender was all I could find. I’m ok with that because I am a fan of lavender.

The instructions said a 2:1 ratio but I didn’t measure anything, I just kept adding soap and/or sugar until it looked right to me.

I added a cute little tag and that’s it!

Not only would this make a nice little gift but it works! It sloughs off dead skin like magic! There were lots of comments in the original post about adding things like olive oil, honey or essential oils and maybe I will try that when this runs out but for now I’ll stick with this one. Rinse well after using and apply your favourite hand lotion for soft smooth hands.
I think I will haul out a basin of warm water and soak my feet and then see how it works on them… with a glass of wine of course!


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