Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Pinterest 2012: Day Sixteen

Today’s project is a gift for a friend, so if you think you might be on my gift list and you don’t want to spoil the surprise…. stop reading right now!

It’s a journal jar! Filled with over 200 prompts for when writer’s block strikes!

Journal Jar: Life on Lilypad Lane

There are oodles of journaling ideas on Pinterest, I love the journal jar featured on the website Make and Takes. Hers is much prettier than mine but I have back to back Christmas sales this weekend and time is not something I have a lot of right now.  I raided my scrapbooking supplies for a quick kit with some coordinating papers and stickers that made decorating the jar a snap!

I googled journal prompts and had no problem finding lists of ideas to fill the jar. At first I was shooting for 365 prompts but I didn’t think they would fit in my jar (and I didn’t want to cut out and fold that many).

Journal Jar: Life on Lilypad Lane

Journaling is very therapeutic. When I am stressed or have trouble sleeping, I use my journal to just get it all out of my head. I use journaling to help me work through problems and I use it to tell my story.

I often wish I had started journaling much earlier in life, recording the little daily details of my life with my young family. Now that my children are grown, some of those memories are much fuzzier than they used to be. I am writing them down now before they are all gone.

As much as I love my electronics, there is something about putting a pen to paper that feeds both the mind and the soul. Is journaling part of your day?

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