Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Days of Blogging (give or take): Day 6

It wasn't until I sat down tonight that I realized I didn't post yesterday!  So much for 30 Days of Blogging!  I can't even say that I wasn't home last night because I was but I spent it in my sewing room and forgot all about the computer!  I was sewing a new bathrobe for Safety Bear and trying to get it done while he was at his town council meeting.. score a wife of the year point for me!

Life is more than a little hectic for us... in addition to his full time job at the university, Safety Bear is also the mayor of our little town. I own my own business and volunteer two nights a week as a leader with Girl Guides.  That also means if I don't preplan some of our meals we would eat a lot of take out crap! One of my favourite things right now is Overnight Oats (shown here with tomorrow's pre made salads for lunch):

There are a zillion versions of them on Pinterest but the one I like the best is from The Yummy Life. She has 14 different flavour recipes on her site, my go-to is the Apple Cinnamon.  I usually make up a few days at a time so they are ready to grab and go in the morning.  Speaking of which.. I need to go make up a few right now! Night all!


  1. Stopping again. Well your keeping up. Im not doing so well with my 30 days of Gratitude. Stay warm and enjoy the sun.

  2. Love the little plates in the back. My DIL has the whole set.


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