Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Little Sunday Pinspiration!

I did have plans for the day that did not involve me sitting in my craft room in my pjs but a leaking water tank caused the day to take a 360 turn! So while I waited for water to be restored I spent some quality time with Pinterest!

I have a blank spot on the wall in my craft room that I have been wanting to make a vinyl quote for and this morning this one jumped out at me:

The link on Pinterest took me to Homegrown Hospitality and although I couldn't find this actual image on her website I was blown away by her art!

I played around on my new Silhouette Cameo and created this:

I have to admit, the C and the R in creative not touching kind of bugs me but I am not yet proficient enough in the software to fix it so I will just have to live with it (for now).

Luckily I have a LOT of black vinyl so if I decide I really can't live with the gap in the font I can remove it and make a new one but I think it turned out just fine.  I am loving my Silhouette! I got it just before Christmas and really haven't played with it as much as I would like but I am slowly learning what it is capable of and can see myself have lots of fun with it!

I think this is the perfect quote for me because I consider myself to be creative but not artistic. I have artistic friends and I am in awe of their talents... I think I was artistic once but the older I got the more I let that side of me fall away.

What do you think makes a person artistic vs creative? I'd love to hear other thoughts!


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