About Me

I'm Gayle, wife, mother, entrepreneur and wannabe empty nester! Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere, where I write about the things I love... living simply and artfully.  I'm learning to focus on the little things that make life big in my small prairie home with my husband and crazy dog little dog Lily!

A few random things about me:

For years I worked in public libraries. At the beginning I was the storytime lady and children's programmer and in the end I was dealing with budgeting, funding issues and cranky patrons. Now I work for myself, as the owner of Lilypad Lane and I get to focus on making kids happy again.

I met my future husband for the first time when we were both in the Army Reserves.  His career lasted 22 years... mine lasted 2 months, turns out I am not very good at taking orders.

I love geocaching and have an on-going friendly competition with my brother over who can find the most caches (I had a head start and I’m not letting him catch me).

I have been married for 23 years and we have lived in 9 houses (most of those were military housing). I still get the urge to move every spring.

I am scared (terrified actually) of rodents, reptiles and birds but not bugs. I am also scared of heights; in general I am a big fraidy cat.

I am a neat freak but I hate doing housework (I would rather paint a wall than wash it).

Both my childhood homes were on dirt roads and surrounded by trees, I wish I lived like that now.

I studied cosmetology after high school but I can’t handle touching strange people so I dropped out.  I then studied library technology part time while being a full-time army wife and mom... it would have been easier to stay in school when I was young.

We were married on New Year’s Eve, it seemed romantic at the time but ever since I have wished we had been married in the spring.

I once accidently took my children hiking through a nudist colony, not one of my finest parenting moments but we still laugh every time we talk about it.

I was involved with Girl Guides for 25 years and was a leader with every age group, it was a wonderful experience and I met some of my closest friends that way.

I have always wanted a window seat where I could sit and read (like since I was 8 years old) someday I will have one!

I cry over everything! Movies, TV shows, books... happy endings as well as sad ones... we go through a lot of tissues at my house.

Learning to use chopsticks is on my bucket list, I keep trying but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. Same goes for hula hooping... I just don't get it..

I grew up in Nova Scotia, we lived by a lake and had our own private beach to swim and canoe from, I spent summers at my grandparents house by the ocean and now I live in Alberta in the middle of a prairie; I miss the water - every. single. day. 

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